The Beauty of Poo
1:42 pm, 21 January 2010
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Sheep Pooomarama - Karschti

Sheep Poo in Omarama… Sheep Poo-orama… Sheep Panorooma… another fine contribution by Karschti.

Photo © 2009 Karsten Grillitsch.

Newsflash: Clothing Collection Robbery
6:12 pm, 12 January 2010
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Robbed Clothing Donation - Ralf

Admittedly, South Dunedin isn’t the wealthiest region of New Zealand. But these donation bin drive-by robberies… guys, this is just ridiculous!

The (Ex-)Beauty of Forbury Park
6:05 pm, 06 January 2010
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Forbury Park - Ralf

Here today, gone tomorrow… actually, gone a couple days ago. Forbury Park building, Dunedin.

The Beauty of BBQ
2:10 pm, 06 January 2010
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Burned BBQ - Ralf

Happy new year! We celebrated with a couple of rockets, a pint of kerosine and these magnesium torches… be careful with the matches… no, really, they are… ARGH!!

Update: Google Maps Location