The Beauty of Corrugated Dogs!
1:44 am, 27 June 2010
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Corrugated Dog - 1YSL

We need a new category, and its name shall be “Montrosities”!

Photo © 2010 1 YSL. Original here.

Google Maps Location.

Attack of the Monster Chicken!
4:55 pm, 24 June 2010

Monster Chicken - Suzanne Garrido Williams

The attack of the monster chicken, captured by Suzanne Garrido Williams. Only one example of what Kiwis do to and with hedges. Does anybody want to see the infamous Seacliff hedge vulva?

Photo © 2010 Suzanne Garrido Williams. Original here.

The Beauty of Wellington
11:21 am, 20 June 2010
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Meanwhile, a perfectly normal day in the capitol Wellington: gravel, graffiti, a potty chair… wait, what?!?

Photo Creative Commons (Attribution 2.0 Generic) 2010 Glutnix. Original here.

The Beauty of Whakatane Airport
6:55 am, 19 June 2010
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Whakatane Airport - Mr Munnings on Tour

Another blue-ribbon entry to our encyclopedia of mildly insane Kiwi architecture.

Google Maps Location.

Photo Creative Commons (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic) 2010 Mr Munnings on Tour. Original here.

More Rainy Peninsulas
5:42 pm, 18 June 2010
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Rainy Peninsula 2 - Chris Ebbert

Photo © 2010 Chris Ebbert. Original here.

More Beauty of Timaru
12:01 pm, 16 June 2010
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Back to Timaru - Ralf

Google Maps Location.

The Beauty of Rainy Peninsulas
3:43 pm, 14 June 2010
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Rainy Peninsula 1 - Chris Ebbert

Chris Ebbert, our contributor and avid photographer, has approximately one hundred gazillion stunningly beautiful New Zealand photos in his Flickr stream. And only 3 that show the ghastly side of New Zealand. Guess which ones we are going to present here…

Photo © 2010 Chris Ebbert. Original here.

The Beauty of Boring Benches
6:11 am, 12 June 2010
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Boring Bench - Ralf

Here is a particularly bland – and shady – bench in Invercargill.

The Beauty of Ohakune
11:15 am, 10 June 2010
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Ohakune Where Adventure Begins - Richard Joseph

Where adventures begin! Carrot adventures in misty weather, that is! It is my heartfelt pleasure to present this emblematic New Zealand photo. Fruit (well, veggies)! Rain! Silly signage and desperate city slogans! Outstanding!

Google Maps Location.

Photo © 2010 Richard Joseph. Original here.

More of Invercargill’s Beauty

More Invercargill Extravaganza - Ralf

This one is not only incredibly great, it would be also a strong candidate for Martin Parr’s book “Boring Postcards”. Well, or at least for its swedish web predecessor, Retroglobe. Well, or at least for the pale rip-off of them both… – us.

Google Maps Location.

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