The Beauty of Landscape Photography

28/01/2009 at 5:12 am

Dunedin Student Flats - Ralf

Dunedin student flats: 165$ per week and not even free internet.

The Dunedin Photographic Society (est. 1890) casts in its last year’s call for entries some (flash)light on the tricky question of proper landscape photography. Which is, in a twisted way, one of the main goals of the ‘Ugly New Zealand’ project. The incredibly sweet and refreshingly modernism-free section guidelines state:

Natural History

Natural History depicts non-captive untamed animals, uncultivated plants in their natural habitat, geology and natural phenomena not produced by man. The accurate recording of the subject and the natural environment is the prime factor. Evidence of man and manipulation of the natural environment is undesirable and should be avoided. Digital images MUST maintain a faithful representation of the original captured image. Any enhancement, electronic or otherwise, must respect the structural and scientific integrity of the subject and the actual environment of which it is a part. Entries for this section will use Scientific, common names or interpretive/descriptive titles.

One could argue that ‘not produced by man’ excludes approximately 95% of New Zealand (and 98 of the rest of the world, assuming you don’t seek your satisfaction in taking shots of clouds or the sea. And the use of ‘faithful’ and ‘must respect’ is just touching.

However, it’s spot-on in terms of this blog’s main question: how would Ugly New Zealand landscape photography look like? Any suggestions, perhaps even with photo evidence?

(Thanks to Holger Regenbrecht for the info and link.)