The Beauty of Forestry

28/08/2011 at 11:10 am

Barry Read - Forestry

Barry Read not only sent this snapshot of modern Kiwi forestry in action, but also a comment highlighting some of absurdities behind it:

“On the other side of this ridge is a sign on SH1 extolling us to let the trees ‘sleep’ – ‘They’re busy saving the World’.

This sums up our approach. Plant fast-growing, low-value trees that were originally planted to produce paper-pulp, and pretend they might be used for structures. Chop them down when far too young. (…) Fertilised by the wind these mono-forests are seen as barriers to bees. A good rain soon will ‘flush’ off any remaining top soil and debris into the waterways – where it will mix with the cow-shit on its way downstream.”

Update: Barry sent this great additional shot with the full message and the full horror. Thanks, Barry!

Saving The World - Barry Read

Photos © 2011 Barry Read