The Beauty of Light Travelling

30/08/2011 at 12:03 am

Nelson 4 - Travelling Light

Today it is my deep pleasure to present you the first photo by “TravellingLight”, a team of incredibly talented “partners in crime” from New Zealand.

In their works, they document New Zealand with a wonderful sensibility, often precisely catching this bitter-sweet spot between beauty and blandness of the country.

Expect more from Travelling Light in the future!

Photo © 2011 Travelling Light. Original here.

The Beauty of Clippy’s Exile

14/04/2011 at 3:19 pm

A giant knot - Robyn Gallagher

Obscure secrets of the Microsoft Corporation, Part 14563: soon after the infamous MS Office help Clippy started drinking and, a bit later, to smoke crack with the Thesaurus, it was deported to a penal colony named New Zealand. There it fades away, deformed and deranged, in front of a ministry, cynically titled Department of Conservation. It’s a mad, mad world!

Google Maps Location

Photo © 2011 Robyn Gallagher. Original here.

More Beauty of Nelson

22/11/2010 at 9:01 am

Ugliest clocktower ever!! Seriously! Centerpiece of Nelson! - jenniferever27

As Entourage’s Ari Gold would put it: Boom! I just can’t get enough of this jewel, Nelson’s famous centerpiece of concrete creativity. Here in an exciting shot by jenniferever27.

Google Maps Location.

Photo © 2010 jenniferever27. Original here.

The Beauty of Nelson

20/11/2010 at 5:50 am

Nelson Central Post Office Building - Murray Neill

On his very elegant website, Murray Neill offers an antidote to us: it could be also described as “Beautiful New”.

The photo above is from a cool series of aerial shots, taken with a kite. But even all this talent and technical equipment can’t turn Nelson’s infamous Central Post Office / City Council building into a beauty queen. Good for us! :)

Google Maps Location.

Photo © 2010 Murray Neill. Original here.

The Beauty of Nelson’s Bridges

27/04/2010 at 1:28 pm

Patricia Laurenson worked with a briefing resembling one of the ideas behind this blog: “My creative theme was ‘bad 1950s photos that would have been thrown away’”. Mission accomplished!

By the way: we also accept bad photos from the 1960–2010s, in case there was any doubt…

Bridges of Nelson - Patricia Laurenson

Photo © 2010 Patricia Laurenson. Original here.